Bayview House

Northcote, Melbourne

This project is an addition to an austere looking 1960s brick veneer, wherein we transformed the whole by simply moving one wall and adding a second level pavilion/living area encircled with a floating ribbon of steel. This golden cloud motif creates a conversation between this dwelling and its neighbours, after all this is a house on top of the hill and all the surrounding houses are embellished with dragons, gargoyles and curly ridge capping.

Our chief aim in renovating this unloved 1960s house was to elevate it to the Gold Rush standard of the surrounding houses - another reason for the golden yellow halo.

We have opted to keep the entire house as it is well planned for good passive solar use and well built. It is environmentally responsible to keep housing such as this adapt for contemporary use. The Design intent for the new upper level was to honour the era of the existing house whilst adding the flair that the neighbourhood abounds in - without mimicking the style of the surrounding houses. As this is a 1960s house we are using a shape that is evocative of that era. The roof will float over the house as a gesture that is about respect for the heritage of the area and also a comment on sustainability.

The choice of colour is of great importance in this scheme. This ribbon floating amidst the heritage houses on top of the hill needed a bold and decisive colour, Credo is a celestial yellow with just enough earthiness in it to relate to the terracotta Dragons on the neighbouring roofs.

We believe that this Golden Cloud adds some gravitas to the odd house in the street and make this humble house now proud to be on top of the hill.