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Bellemo & Cat is a Melbourne-based architect/artist partnership. The multi-disciplinary team was established in 1998 by Michael Bellemo and Cat Macleod. Based in Northcote, in inner urban Melbourne, the work of the firm varies widely in both scale - from domestic to the public - and location - from the urban to the rural.

The work of Bellemo & Cat is a wandering line of inquiry back and forth. From the construction of a house, to the twisting of a sculpture that enables them to carry the methods and results of experimentation in both the fields of architecture and sculpture back and forth like busy ants, resulting in sculptural architectural work and pragmatic approaches to urban design.

The firm’s work includes street furniture in Melbourne’s Reservoir, High School Administration Building, a pavilion in a regional Victorian Mall, residential buildings and large scale public artworks.

The practice has received awards by the Australian Institute of Architects, various art prizes and international representation and recognition.

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