General Purpose Flexible Learning Area (GPFLA), Officer

Under Construction

The GPFLA aims to enhance and promote changes to the pedagogy of the school by designing spaces that are flexible, using the concept and the planning of the beehive we have developed a floor plan that has built-in flexibility. It allows for omnidirectional classrooms that can be opened up to accommodate house meetings of 120 students and closed down to provide for breakout spaces and then smaller private study booths. Within the building there is a large open gathering space with tiered seating and spill out to outdoor learning areas. The materiality will again borrow from the beehive and be robust on the exterior and timber clad and organic in nature on the interior.

In terms of sustainable design principles, the orientation and siting will enable for good passive solar approach with ample covered outdoor space and access to fresh and sunlight. The building will have good thermal mass with a green roof for part of the building.